Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thank God I Dont Have Two Heads

I never get tired of watching this video. How crazy is this? Are they one person with two heads, or two people with one body, cause the latter doesnt make much sense. Does a brain constitute a person? favorite quote "theyre usually pretty crabby in the morning" well no shit, they have one body and two heads


  1. This is somewhat relevant to my interests

  2. Identical twin here. Not conjoined though lol.

  3. If they played on a basketball team things would get confusing.

    If they make a basket, is it 2 points or 4 points?
    Would they get two different numbers on their jersey?
    Would they have two different sets of stats as a player?
    If they made a basket would they divide the points for each persons stats? (each head gets 1 point per basket.)
    If someone fouled them do they get two fouls on their record?
    If they slam dunk it, is it also an alley-oop?

    the questions are endless.

    it would suck to shit something out that someone else ate.

  4. I am mezmerized by watching those two and I really would like to see them years from now. Would they mary two guys or one and how would all that work out. It would be freaky to see them walking through their school everyday. What is one was a bitch and the other was nice? Do THEY argue and how does that work? Yes, the questions are endless.