Friday, September 24, 2010

Hard To Swallow

Now, normally there is nothing 'funny' or 'cute' about watching a python eat a small fuzzy animal, but you just cant help but to smile when watching this video. This python is trying soooo hard to swallow this baby chick, but it just isnt happening. The chick is probably frightened and annoyed at its slow and not so painful death. Just watch for yourself

If you dont like this video because its a poor innocent chick getting eaten alive, get over it. People only seem to care about animals that are cute. If this was a cockroach being eaten who would care lol. ENJOY



  1. man that would be such an awful death! man i'm so glad i'm a dominant species. I think the only difference between this and a cockroach is that you actually able to witness a much more clear portrayal of struggle, and that might be why it's hard for people to watch, but it's fucking nature, a snake's got every right to live too

  2. I can't wait for tomorrow's update!