Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Intro to Bloggery

Though I like to think that I have familiarized myself with most aspects of the internet, whether it be myspace, facebook, youtube, wiki, zootube, etc., I have never fully understood the blog world.  I always remember being younger and my sister having a live journal which , if I correctly recall, was simply a site where depressed 14 year old girls go to post about how much they hate their mothers and how they got drunk at a popular older guy's party.  Before I knew it, there were vlogs, which after a quick analysis, showed to be people filming themselves talking about their lives whilst others watched in order to be entertained by someone elses problems or simply relate to their issues.  As time when on these blogs and vlogs seem to get more creative and people were finding worth while things to talk about outside of how their dog ran away, or how they suck dick.  I decided to start my own blog as a way to hopefully entertain other people, not through personal issues that are on my back, but by supplying interesting information, music, stories, and other things that may be useful to those reading.

Hopefully with time, I will have refined this blog to a solid level of constant content worthy of being read.
Until then, I will do my best.


  1. let me know when you're ready to blast off.


  2. Haha, right there with you (Look at that! I'm relating to your issues!). We'll get the hang of it.

  3. haha yea man, actually reading a blog doesnt seem very common around here